Jury Declaration Round 1

Ahmedabad, 5th of July 2017

Sustainable twist to destroyed Indian banknotes goes to the second round

Last May, the Dutch company Kusters Engineering (KE), in partnership with the National Institute of Design (NID) in India, has launched the 'Value of Money' competition whereby students from the whole country are being challenged to come up with sustainable ideas for the recycling of disintegrated (destroyed) banknotes. The competition was launched by Vijay Rupani, Chief Minister of Gujarat in the presence of hundreds of people, including representatives of the Indian Central Bank (RBI).

Tuesday 8 November 2016, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared all 1,000 and 500 rupee banknotes to be illegal tender. India hopes that this measure can be used to counter corruption. However, the measure has put enormous pressure on its destruction capacity as some 57 billion extra banknotes now need to be destroyed. It is also a huge challenge to reuse or recycle the destroyed banknotes in a sustainable way. The initiative came from Sylvia Laurensse, Innovation Manager Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering:

"You cannot just export and implement ideas from the Netherlands into an enormous country such as India. The cultural and social differences are simply too great. So for this challenge, we wanted to make use of many creative Indian brains."

Building on this approach, the idea of a competition was born and was well supported by Director Pradyumna Vyas from National Institute of Design. Associate Senior Faculty and Designer Pravinsinh Solanki is heading this project from NID. Innovation Manager Sylvia Laurensse is heading this project from KE. Thanks to the cooperation of the various Indian institutes who are represented in the jury; National Institute of Design, Nirma University and Unitedworld Institute of Design.

The first round of the competition closed on 29 June 2017. On Monday the 3rd of July, the first Jury Meeting was held at the National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad. Sylvia Laurensse especially travelled to India for this meeting. The objective of this meeting was to shortlist 30 ideas from the registered 184 Indian students from 49 different Indian institutes. The selected 30 ideas represent 8 different Indian Institutes.

Students representing the shortlisted ideas will be given the opportunity to show that it will be feasible to produce this idea by making the first prototype. The selected participants will be provided with disintegrated banknotes in order to make a prototype.

The three best ideas will be rewarded by Kusters Engineering with a cash prize. Then we want to further develop, implement and industrialize the winning ideas. It is our intention to involve the student and the institute behind the winning idea in this process. The closing date for submitting prototypes is 10th of August and the prize giving will take place on 25 September 2017.

The registration numbers of the shortlisted students are as follows:

  1. KE17 - k8ga29
  2. KE17 - oxtx34
  3. KE17 - v7xy184
  4. KE17 - kid5162
  5. KE17 - izzm164
  6. KE17 - 8r0589
  7. KE17 - cz6g152 (lamp)
  8. KE17 - etn8137
  9. KE17 - m5v07
  10. KE17 - 3sb720
  11. KE17 - esoy76
  12. KE17 - azr8122
  13. KE17 - 4zn4149
  14. KE17 - gxr5183
  15. KE17 - ktba178
  1. KE17 - ajqv33
  2. KE17 - rfo7170 (opal)
  3. KE17 - s7i4138
  4. KE17 - to4j161
  5. KE17 - rfo7170 (clock)
  6. KE17 - cz6g152 (wash)
  7. KE17 - ofbj156
  8. KE17 - op4m154
  9. KE17 - 3hy3141
  10. KE17 - naaz180
  11. KE17 - su02145
  12. KE17 - g2bu115
  13. KE17 - cgak111
  14. KE17 - cpia97
  15. KE17 - ou0p15